-About Us-



Arturo’s Shoe Fixx began operation in 1988, having been opened by Arturo and Calliopi Azinian in Beverly Hills, California. This was their second store, the first being Eletea Shoe Remodeling on Vermont Avenue and Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, working exclusively for major shoe and department stores. Eventually the Azinian’s would sell Eletea Shoe Remodeling, investing all their time and resources in ensuring the success and longevity of Arturo’s Shoe Fixx.

Sixty years have passed since Arturo first purchased Eletea Shoe Remodeling, and nearly thirty since the establishment of Arturo’s Shoe Fixx. During that time Three generations have worked within that store, coming together to maintain the traditions of excellence and quality that define Arturo’s work ethic, and will do so for generations to come.