Shoe repair shops bring new life and style to classic bags, heels

Owner Arturo Azinian has been in the shoe repair business for 50 years and, at 82, still works in the Beverly Hills shop that has long been a favorite with the area’s high-end clientele. Azinian’s grandson Ari Libaridian works alongside him as the shop manager.  “Most of the orders we have right now are older things that people have worn just once or twice or maybe not at all,” says Libaridian, who adds that the shop is up for any challenge and can “turn a pointed toe into a peep toe,” restructuring a shoe and breathing new life into the design.  Read Full Article

King Of Slings

IN ALL HIS YEARS AS A LOS ANGELES shoe repair czar, Arturo Azinian never made a house call until three months ago. When the 74-year-old cobbler was asked if he could go to Nicole Kidman’s home to tighten her boots, he replied: “Who?”

His grandson, Ari Libaridian, had to persuade him to go. “He never leaves the store,” says Libaridian. “To him, it’s all just a distraction from his work. He has a reputation to uphold.” Read The Full Article